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New product about Mpm-com interface USB+ Maxiecu Full

2017-06-02 18:31:00

why buy MPM-COM interface and MaxiEcu full from us?

    The only manufacturer for interface

    Newest hardware MPM-COM be issued firstly from us

    Software MaxiEcu fastest update speed along the official website for free

    Software language can be translated into other languages, looking for exclusive agent for different languages 

    Best price directly from factory, with life-long product warranty

    More supported cars are coming, you would know the information from us as the first one.

    Bluetooth Connection


MPM COM interface hardware: designed by the manufacturer of the software, works perfectly with a lot of diagnostic software for lots of vehicles old and new, not only MaxiEcu.


MaxiEcu Software Full:MaxiEcu is an innovative, modular diagnostic system, which allows the user to create a configuration adjusted to his or her individual needs. The modular structure of the software guarantees huge scalability which makes MaxiEcu usable for every car user, from an amateur of car diagnostic to a professional car mechanic. Every module of MaxiEcu is responsible for a particular car make. A combination of all modules provides a professional diagnostic tool.


It can diagnose vehicles to the standard OBD 2, but, unusually, it also works with those that are incompatible with the standard.

Unlike the simple kit, this pro pack provides access to advanced functions (coding of injectors, regeneration of the particulate filter, reset maintenance ...).

The MPM-COM interface currently is one of the most advanced products in terms of automotive diagnosis.

Not only to be a 32-bit interface made high-quality, is also an interface that is compatible with A lot of diagnostic software known (see list below). OBDII compatible, it supports quite old communication protocols (OBD), studied software such as maxiecu 2, which can support even older vehicles.

It is a product that will allow you to communicate with the Abs, airbags, etc ....Do not hesitate a moment, this is a product that attracted us.

To conclude, the system has the following advantages:

    Service diagnostics

    A modular nature

    Opportunity to buy a particular module, which reduces the purchase costs

    Easy and intuitive configuration

    The majority if modules is compatible with ELM327 interface

    Free and frequent updates

    New modules in preparation (car makes)

    A free OBD2 module for each module

    The system can be completed gradually, which cuts the costs significantly.

    Interface have life-long warranty 

Supported Vehicles:


Additionally, you can also diagnose any cars with OBD2 system, regardless of their make/model/year

Get familiar with MaxiEcu program by downloading its demo version (click here, download and test it).

Lifetime Software License

Free updates

Download the updates at the software website: www.maxiecu.com, at “download” tab.

The software is licensed for one computer.

Send as your details: name and surname or company name and current e-mail after purchasing the software